Ministry of Public works, Public Utilities and Digital Economy

Key Officials

Hon. Fidel Grant
Mr. Emile Lancelot
Permanent Secretary (Ag.)

Despite Dominica’s challenging terrain and geographic position, our overall aim is to ensure the Country’s infrastructure is managed in a manner that will facilitate the most effective return as we seek to foster sustainable economic growth and development.

Stewardship and excellence
Respect for Democracy

Our Goals

  • Develop a safe, and accessible road network in good condition
  • Mitigate flood & landslide risks
  • Provide efficient & effective electrical service through improved regulatory oversight and enforcement
  • Provide green and affordable electricity
  • Effective project management and technical support provided to Government ministries and agencies
  • Provide island-wide access to sustainable safe and affordable potable water, and sewerage services
  • Increased the percentage of businesses using the internet as a business tool and a catalyst goal
  • The creation of an enabling environment for the protection of the public and private sectors from virtual and physical cyber vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Development of advanced digital skills to jobs pipeline program aimed to provide access to global calibre digital skills training/certifications and support for remote-working enabled placements with global companies/clients
  • Enabler of digital government, to support public sector productivity and extend key digital public services to the citizens of Dominica

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Electrical Division

Electrical Division

The Electrical Division is charged under the Electricity Supply Act #21 of 1996

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

Responsible for coordinating policy and service oriented activities

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Policy Formulation and Administration Unit

Policy Formulation and Administration Unit

Responsible for the provision of daily support services for the ministry

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Technical Services Division

Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division: has five major functions

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The Ministry's Focus

With the available financing and institutional capacity, the Ministry will place emphasis on the following in this new digital thrust:

  • The development of the required legislative framework;
  • The development of a digital economy Policy and Strategy;
  • Building a digital ecosystem to accommodate cybersecurity and digital money;
  • The promotion of digital skills and entrepreneurship.
  • The establishment of digital infrastructure and platforms to enable cross cutting digital services and enhance government productivity and;

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To develop resilient physical infrastructure and provide digital services the can withstand and/ or recover quickly from adverse events through improved; standards, institutional systems, and regulatory oversight.


Resilient infrastructure, integrated technology


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