Dominica Meteorological Service

The Dominica Meteorological Service falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Works, Energy & Ports. The Service is headed by a Senior Meteorological Officer who works along with other officers who are trained in various competencies such as weather forecasting, climatology, hydrology, agro-meteorology, instrument & equipment maintenance and weather observations.

The Dominica Meteorological Service operates two offices on the island which are located at the Melville Hall and Canefield Airports.

Officers provide hourly routine reports for aviation, weather briefing to pilots and all necessary weather information for safe air navigation in and out of Dominica.

The department collects climatological data for analysis. Data is stored on various weather elements such as rainfall, winds, temperature and humidity, among others. Information is also provided to the general public in the form of daily weather reports on radio, on the weather hotline which is updated three times daily and on the World Wide Web. The Service keeps the public informed on any storms, hurricanes or any significant weather affecting the island.

The Service provides educational support to schools and community groups around the island. Hundreds of students visit the Dominica Meteorological Service annually, to better understand how various weather instruments work and the general operation of the office. Officers also visit fishermen and other community groups to make presentations on aspects of the weather.

The Dominica Meteorological Service operates under the watch words: "Constantly Monitoring the Atmosphere".