Technical Services Division

The Technical Services Division has five major functions which are as follows:

 a) Building Section

  • develops architectural designs for new and existing Government buildings
  • carries out assessment of the condition of Government facilities
  • provides technical support to other line ministries

b) Road Maintenance

  • Carries out routine assessments of primary and secondary roads
  • Prepares and implements road maintenance programs
  • Procurement
  • Supervises road works
  • Assesses and installs road safety measures

c) Quantity Surveying

  • Prepares detailed bill of quantities and cost estimates
  • Prepares and administers contracts
  • Project financial control and reporting
  • Procurement and tendering

d) Engineering

  • Develops plans and designs for roads, drainage systems, bridges, river and coastal defenses, and river control compatible to local needs
  • Monitoring and implementing infrastructural projects
  • Maintaining uniform design standards, codes and construction specifications for roads, drainage systems, bridges, river and coastal defenses, and river control
  • Preparing work programs for projects
  • Planning and reporting for infrastructure rehabilitation projects
  • Assesses the structural integrity of Government’s infrastructure
  • Provides technical advice to the Government

e) Road Surveys

  • Conducts detailed topographic surveys and maps for the development of engineering designs
  • Redefines site boundary lines and replaces official boundary markers that are remove
  • Makes recommendations for suitable sites state or private
  • Liaise with other Ministries, for example, Director of Lands and Surveys for land acquisition matters
  • Prepare and issue notices of surveys