Geothermal Development Partners Forum - Address by Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit (September 2013)

It has been well documented that Small Island Developing states, including Dominica, share a number of peculiar vulnerabilities and characteristics. Among these are a narrow range of resources, which forces undue specialization; excessive dependence on international trade and hence vulnerability to global developments, costly public administration and infrastructure, including transportation and administration, limited institutional capacities and domestic markets, and limited export volumes, which are too small to achieve economies of scale.

One of the other characteristics that the SIDS share with developing countries in general, is that of energy dependence and access.

A number of articles in the publication World Energy Outlook of 2004, use empirical analysis of the relationship of energy to various development indicators, to make the point that energy is a prerequisite to economic development.

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Posted: 30/09/2013