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The General Post Office caters to the mail process in Dominica. Situated on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard, it is the central hub to mail in Dominica serving the entire island through several smaller post offices catering to the population’s mail needs.

A Brief History

International mail was first introduced in Dominica in the 18th century through the use of sail ships.

The Postal Service itself was actually organized by Anthony Trollope in 1856. By 1906, mail was transported to the island on steam ships. At that time, Policemen were the only instruments used to distribute mails island-wide on horseback.

In the 1930’s, the first Postmen were introduced. Due to the lack of motorable roads, the mails were carried through steep mountainous tracks on head that sometimes lasted for up to three (3) days.

In the advent of modern technology, by the beginning of the 1950’s, mails were brought to Dominica by a German Goose seaplane.

Today, the Postal Service has extended its services through the length and breadth of the island with twenty three (23) Post Offices, twelve (12) Postal Agencies and nineteen (19) Village Councils.

The General Post Office which is housed in the same building as the Training Centre was opened on August 9, 1993 by the Prime Minister Dame Eugenia Charles and The Right Hon The Baroness Chalker of Wallasey- Minister for Overseas Development.

Vision Statement

To operate as an efficient, professional and technologically outstanding business - with a part to play in the future, as a reliable, modernized and profitable entity, responding effectively to the changing needs of our customers, both internally and externally.

Mission Statement

To provide prompt, reliable and economical services to customers in all urban, sub urban and rural areas, through the collection, transmission and delivering of personal and business communications and parcels.