Geothermal Environment Impact Assessment 2012

The 'Geothermal Energy in the Caribbean Islands' or 'Geothermie Caraibes' project in the Roseau Valley in Dominica is part of the European cooperation programme INTERREG III-B 'Caribbean Space'.

The various partners (Government of Dominica, BRGM-CFG Services, French Environment and Energy Management Agency ADEME, Council of Guadeloupe and Council of Martinique) are collaborating here in order to develop an energy production project consistent with the global aims of sustainable development.

A regulatory and environmental feasibility study was carried out in 2009 as part of this project.

The Government wishes to launch the project's Phase 1 which covers the exploratory drilling that is intended to locate the geothermal reservoir and determine its size. This phase will thus help to ascertain the amount of energy that can be produced.

This project's client is the Government of Dominica, represented by the Geothermal Project Management Unit. ADEME is the Government's partner within the project framework.

The company CARAiBES ENVIRONNEMENT has been commissioned to carry out the impact study linked to this project.

Read the entire January 2012 Geothermal Environment Impact Assessment (PDF, 44.5 MB)