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The Ministry of Public works, Public Utilities and Digital Economy is the arm of the Government responsible for the national infrastructure namely; road network management, coastal management, irrigation and drainage and water resource management.

The Ministry also performs project management functions with regard to all government and government sponsored developments island-wide. The Ministry accomplished its various functions with due regard for Government's policies and strategic directions.

The Ministry has recognized that these areas are fundamental to the development and achievement of the social goals of the Government. Consequently, we constantly strive to add true value to our product, and establish and develop relationships with all stakeholders for the increasing effectiveness of the Public Service.

The Ministry is also responsible for the development of the digital economy through its planned programs and activities as we seek to develop Dominica into a world class society and economy. This new undertaking will also seek to increase productivity and efficiency, further modernize our economy and make it easier to do business (Dominica Labour Party manifesto 2019).

The State owned Dominica Water and Sewage Company (DOWASCO) and Public Works Corporation (PWC) are directed by a board appointed by the Minister.

The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) is the regulatory authority for the generation, transmission, distribution, supply and sales of electricity and reports to the Minister.


Our Mission

To develop resilient physical infrastructure and provide digital services the can withstand and/ or recover quickly from adverse events through improved; standards, institutional systems, and regulatory oversight.

Our Vision

Resilient infrastructure, integrated technology

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