About Us

The Ministry of Public Works and Digital Economy has been given the mandate for the development of the digital economy in Dominica and the administration and implementation of the physical and digital infrastructure and management of Dominica’s abundant water resource. The Ministry also seeks to develop a more proactive approach to the management of its affairs to ensure the effective delivery of services, in keeping with the needs of all stakeholders the current trend of globalization, and the phenomenal pace of technological advancement. To ensure optimal delivery of services, the Ministry will place greater emphasis on recognizing and sensitizing its human resources. The Ministry will seek to constantly monitor the road network for timely, cost-effective maintenance and development and develop the required framework for the development of a sustainable digital economy.

Key Results Areas

KRA#1 To identify, assess, and reduce the risks of disaster, socio-economic vulnerabilities to disaster as well as dealing with the environmental and other hazards that trigger them.
KRA#2 Utilize a multi-dimensional approach to contain and reduce crime, including more effective law enforcement and policing and social interventions designed to discourage a lifestyle of crime and violence, and promote Dominica as a peaceful country.
KRA#3 Build the capacity of the Dominican labour market to resist, adjust, and quickly recover from negative shocks.
KRA#4 Police Stations and the Prison should be resilient and built to withstand natural disasters to ensure the safety of officers and offenders during and after a disaster.


  • Develop a safe, and accessible road network in good condition
  • Mitigate flood & landslide risks
  • Provide efficient & effective electrical service through improved regulatory oversight and enforcement
  • Provide green and affordable electricity
  • Effective project management and technical support provided to Government ministries and agencies
  • Provide island-wide access to sustainable safe and affordable potable water, and sewerage services
  • Increased the percentage of businesses using the internet as a business tool and a catalyst goal
  • The creation of an enabling environment for the protection of the public and private sectors from virtual and physical cyber vulnerabilities and threats
  • Development of advanced digital skills to jobs pipeline program aimed to provide access to global calibre digital skills training/certifications and support for remote-working enabled placements with global companies/clients
  • Enabler of digital government, to support public sector productivity and extend key digital public services to the citizens of Dominica.