Policy Formulation and Administrative Unit

Constructing Tomorrow's Legacy Today

Policy Formulation and Administrative Unit

This unit is responsible for the provision of daily support services for the Ministry of Public works, Public Utilities and Digital Economy and includes:
  • Financial management of the Ministry
  • Supervision of the implementation of policies and decision relating to the Ministry
  • Coordination of the human resource management and functions of the Ministry
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of programs for consistency of policies and directives
  • Collaboration with the Minister on public administration matters.
  • Collaborating with the various village councils with the implementation of community based projects with support from the Technical Services Division.

Our Mission

To develop resilient physical infrastructure and provide digital services the can withstand and/ or recover quickly from adverse events through improved; standards, institutional systems, and regulatory oversight.

Our Vision

Resilient infrastructure, integrated technology

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Contact Details

Address:1st Floor,
Government Headquarters,
Kennedy Avenue, Roseau,
Commonwealth of Dominica

Call Us : + 1 (767) 266 3524
Mail Us : publicworks@dominica.gov.dm